FinisherPix 2.0

Both in front and behind the scenes, we offer innovation, clear overview, the fastest ordering process and  the fastest delivery of products. It will be as simple as possible, to search and find. 

What's new?

It isn’t our goal to keep you as long as possible on our website!

Our goal is your goal: Buy as many pictures as possible in the simplest steps possible as quickly as possible.

The new FinisherPix page offers just that! Unforgettable adjusted memories at reasonable prices! 


Simple order ::

We have streamlined the entire ordering process to save time and many clicks for you after a hard race. 


Simple attaching :: This is Me

In addition to the traditional search by bib number or family name, you may find missing pictures, or those who were not assigned, simply in the Lost & Found section where they can easily be moved to your gallery through the "This Is Me" button.


Simple payment ::  Local currency

The payment options range from Paybal to prevalent credit cards and local currencies. We are also willed to provide any other desired method of payment on request.


Simple CheckOut :: One Step

The One Step check-out page will save a lot of entries and clicks and allows an unproblematic completion of the ordering process.


Simply clear :: Photo Access Code

At the end of the order you get your own personal Photo Access Code (PAC). The PAC allows  you to sign in, view your order status, or download digital products. Thus, it is always possible to carry out orders and reorder images.


Simply local :: Local Production

What distinguishes us from other photo agencies are our local productions. Due to this proximity, we can promptly and flexibly respond to specific requests and can offer special packages at reasonable prices.


Simply personally :: HD Videos

New in our range are personal HD videos, which you can download or order in a length from 10 to 20 minutes. This innovative offer widens our broad product range.


Simply contact ::

We look forward to your feedback or request at

What our partners say...

"When we launched our new half marathon, The Hapalua, we knew that we could rely on FinisherPix to provide high quality photos and service to our runners. They create a variety of products at a great price for the runners, and for the race directors, they provide a professional, turn-key solution in this important race area."

President, Honolulu Marathon AssociationJim Barahal